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7 May 2015

Goodbye China

These days are being complicated, especially for our “super fostermom” Olga and our super fosterdaddy Yayo.
Yesterday, our oldest cat died between their arms
We have mixed feelings because we are sad we lost her but at same time we are very pleased it has been a natural death and China recieved love until last second of her long life

It is always hard loose one of our babies but our China has been gradually gone as if it were a star, a star that we could give the best two years of her life, her last two years in which she knew a home and it warmth.

China has not suffered, China just slowly fell asleep, probably dreaming of a place full of sweets, food and many kittens to play with, although we are sure she will be with us for ever
20 years living in the street, 20 years without a home even being a sweet, affectionate and dependent cat, she needed 20 years to find it. Finally he rested yesterday, with 22 years, a long life for a cat. Surely not all the moments on the street were good, but we are sure that the last 2 years of her life, full of cuddles and love have eclipsed all those days since Olga crossed her way.
Olga and Yayo, thanks so much for taking care of her, love her, and stay with her until last second of her life.

Thanks for making forget all those days when she had to live in the street. Thanks for being her family her last days

Goodbye China, someday we will meet you again, for sure!!!.



17 April 2015

Meet our cats

You can find our cats here:



Please don’t overlook the older cats as they can be just as rewarding as a kitten, if not more so. Remember, kittens don’t stay kittens for long!

If you are interested in any of these cats, or wish to discuss the care needed to adopt a cat or kitten, please email us:




13 April 2015

Poisoning in Sotogrande

Couple of months ago some people who lives in Sotogrande asked for help because there were colonies of stray cats and were growing up without control

Our finances can´t allow neutering of all of these cats, even we can pay castrations of cats from our own city and we only can suggested talk with differents vet from the área to help and and collect money to support all castrations

We could help with our traps, catching cats, carrying them to the vets and leaving them back after surgeries

they accepted our proposal paying themselves veterinary costs and we started with our campaign

Since then Clinica Aura situated in Estepona and recently Clinica Fabula in Pueblo Nuevo are helping us, they have left us a very cheap price for their job and we are really gratefull with them and their staff

Since then we have done 8 females and 6 males from El Octogono area and two males and one female from Avenida de La Marina near la Ribera

All was going fine but suddently dissapeared most of the cats in La Ribera and we can checked that there were only a few left.


After a few days we could watch this photo. It was made in La Ribera and we could recognized some of the cats who we were already done, all killed, a real cull; is a devastating image witch cannot describe

Has been some survivors, between them were a female cat that we carried to the vet to castrate; the vet told us she had diarrhea and her intestines were swollen and we left her in one of our quarentine cages for a few days before leave her back…was a lucky girl because she was with us when all cats disappeared!!!

There are complaints to authorities from different people and associations in San Roque to find out responsables of this aberration

Meanwhile we will continue with our sterilization campaign in Sotogrande with people who have started with us and all who want these poor cats

Hopefully more people join us and can save the lives of those still living in there and these animals that do not cause any damage can live in peace